Damian grab 3 hours of my life for this) 

I’m IN LOVE with the way his face and facial expressions are drawn…  No words for artist’s talent. Just - DAMIAN) 

Friendly reminder that Jason only lost the DitF vote by .3%


That’s 5343–5271.

And one person cheated and rigged his phone to vote repeatedly

And a lot of people just wanted to see if DC would actually kill off Robin

 And a lot of Jason’s primary fanbase, AKA kids, couldn’t vote because it was a pay to vote number

And the writers deliberately set things up because they really wanted to kill off Robin because they hated the concept of Batman having a sidekick, and Jason was just unfortunate enough to have the role at the time.

But tell me again how “everyone hated Jason Todd.”

Although there were reports that some people didn’t even know Dick Grayson was replaced and thought he was the one on the line. They thought it was the original/first Robin but I don’t know how much that configures into this.


Forever Evil is actually a love story


Bat-chickies in an Easter Egg. Oh my!


Is this Man of Steel 2?

[Superman Secret Files and Origins 2005]

To be honest I really hope this won’t be how Wonder Woman is going to be portrayed in couple upcoming films when side by side with Batman and Superman. It’s great for comic banter but I really think a live-action interpretation wouldn’t lend itself to this. Plus I find it clichéd to do the whole “Oh you boys!” route whenever there’s a lone girl in a trio of friends. Unless they show her actually kicking their asses then I’m fine.



Bruce Wayne (voiced by Kevin Conroy) and Terry McGinnis (voiced by Will Friedle) confront a very familiar foe.

I love this so so so much!!!

Avengers #26


DICK: where did my flowers go
DICK: did you.. run back and forth over my flowers?

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anonymous asked: DC or Marvel


Catwoman v3 #34 - “Cold Hard Facts”

written by Ed Brubaker
art by Paul Gulacy & Jimmy Palmiotti