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I’ve no idea how to respond to this.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s about half right, but I’m pretty sure most of the time Bruce is Fanon’d as always being 100% BROOSE ie “I LOVE YOU FAMILY! WHAT ES BATMENS I AM HERE 100% emotioanal SUPOORT!”

There’s a lot of really great nuanced portrayals and characterization in fandom, but ngl, the second thing happens a lot.






Jason Todd eats whole chillies with a stupid smug grin on his face while his brothers watch in horror.

Cass Cain coming up behind her squirming, horrified brothers, and grabbing like, three chillies for herself to eat at once.  Then just raising both eyebrows at her younger brother.

Thus begins the most ill-advised competition between Bat sibs ever.

Oh my god, she absolutely would, too.

She’d probably win, but Jason would hold out for a very long time before finally admitting defeat.

The real competition, though, is the race to the fridge for the last jug of milk afterwards…

Damian tries to steal it, because you two deserve to suffer for being so foolish and silly.  Tim throws a used dish towel over Damian’s head and steals the milk jug back to give to Cass.

Jason goes for the unguarded freezer and gets his half-gallon box of Neapolitan ice cream.  Ha ha, jerks.

Dick is laughing too hard to intervene despite Damian’s demands that he do so.

Oh god, and then Bruce comes in when the kitchen is in chaos and Cass is just drinking milk straight out of the jug and Jason’s just spooning neopolitan out with like a fucking ladle and everyone just stares at each other for a moment.

Cass: … we’re out of milk.


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Lorena Marquez


"I know the answer. Jesse Quick. Max Mercury. Jay Garrick. Wally West. Bart Allen. Barry Allen… The Speed Force.”

Catwoman and Krypto (Batman: Hush)

Connor Hawke - Justice League of America V1 #8-9


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