My dearest darling. I hope you don’t mind the note. I just wanted you to know that I love the new closeness we have. It’s making it possible for me to see that we have a future.

For the first time in a long time, I look forward to tomorrow.

All my love,
- B.

” — The note Barbara wrote that she put in Dick’s glove; in Nightwing 57 (via yellowcape)


A sketch I did while at work break. I’ve always been a fan of Dick and Barbara, but I always have very present in my head the idea of how horrible it must be for her to hear the words “I’m ok, it’s nothing”, because with members of the Batman family that usually means the complete opposite. I’m sure they’ll get back together, eventually. Drew Dick with his Batman costume because why not.


Tim tries to do the ice bucket challenge in the safety of the Batcave, camera held by Cass. He’s getting ready to dump the water on himself, sweet innocent summer child, when all of a sudden Cass, who hasn’t said a word this entire time, shouts out “FIRE!” and Stephanie, Dick, and Jason jump out from behind the monitors and attack him with water guns and water balloons. 

Damian has been in the background scowling this entire time because this whole thing is idiotic and a waste of time, before Tim grabs him while he’s running past and uses him as a human shield. But Jason lunges forward and gets them both on the ground while the others get them all soaking wet. 

They all end up with glares and nasty bruises from Damian, but it was so worth it. 


Has this been done yet?

It’s a little late but I think it still resonates quite well.


I wasn’t taught to fight fair. I was taught to win.

Dick Grayson as Batman Appreciation Post (Drawn by Marcus To)

…my Harley Quinn


- Nightwing 57

Boy hostage.




Friendly reminder that:

  • Dick Grayson is of Romani descent
  • Tim Drake was originally designed to be of Asian heritage
  • Damian Wayne is of Arabic and Chinese descent from Talia
  • Cassandra Cain is half Asian (Lady Shiva’s Nationality is ambiguous)
  • Pre-52 Helena Bertinelli is Italian
  • New-52 Helena Bertinelli is of a mixed Italian and African descent
  • Kate Kane is Jewish (in addition to being openly homosexual)
  • Bilal Asselah (Nightrunner) is an Algerian Muslim
  • David Zavimbe (Batwing) is Congolese from the DRoC
  • Luke Fox (Batwing II) is African-American.
  • The Batfamily isn’t made up people only from the whitest parts of Europe and that it actually is fairly diverse even if most comic and fan artists don’t depict it that way.